Rave Reviews & Happy Clients!

Rave Reviews from the Awesome Parents Programme

  • I have found the course to be truly inspirational, and I have looked forward to Tuesday nights every week. Have learned tons about relationships.
  • Brilliant facilitator and course. Was unsure driving to the first session (wife’s idea) – then couldn’t wait for the next sessions!
  • I leave the (class) thinking “I could do this all night”!
  • Attending with other parents made me realize I was not ploughing a lonely furrow!
  • You have reached our hearts and our homes.
  • Practical help delivered well and easy to understand. Worth every cent – cannot put a $ value on it.
  • The course is inspiring and empowering – and it offers concrete tools that work. I think you’ve got a pretty perfect recipe here!
  • I love the humour, but at the same time your ability to explain the more serious stuff.
  • You let me see that nothing was the ‘wrong’ way. There is just sometimes a better way!
  • Your enthusiasm, style of delivery, and non-judgmental approach has made it easy to share our difficulties with you.
  • I wish your course was mandatory – that every parent got to be inspired by you – what an amazing generation of little people we would have.
  • Sometimes we pretty up or hide problems in our life, or past, until someone like you comes along.  . . Was knowledge for my mind and food for my soul.
  • I wrote about you in my uni interview – we had to write about the person who has had the most influence on you. You were the perfect answer.
  • We need to teach these ideas to people before they become parents or teachers!
  • Please promote both parents attending when you do the introduction nights for this course. It has been so valuable to us as a couple, and the benefits for ourselves virtually equal the benefits for our kids.
  • Get more people through these courses so that our children are surrounded by the same philosophy in society.
  • Valuable learning about ‘Power’ and feeling angry – and giving choices where both win.
  • The 3 circles of parenting made me realize that authoritarianism can be self-defeating
  • I’ve learnt how our ‘bad behaviour’ teaches our kids to do the same!
  • It has shown me a complete new style of parenting that has created a complete change within our home. It has pointed out for me that many things I have been doing are to no effect and are not worth pursuing any more.
  • It is valuable to learn about giving choices rather than ultimatums.
  • Most valuable was how to treat your kids with respect – and teaching them about their greatness – and about taking time for fun.
  • It’s shown me how to take the calm approach
  • I have already noticed a difference in the way I parent my kids. Things can only get better! Awesome!
  • They are all essential tools that can be used in all aspects of life, not just with children.
  • I loved the fact that all this works!
  • Loved the realisation of how important an influence our parents were in moulding our personalities, attitudes and practices. The gentle respectful approach is worth its time.
  • I loved learning why I do what I do! Enjoyed it very much.
  • Most valuable was looking at my SELF, and learning to change my self first.
  • Thank you for taking me on a journey of discovery – one which has opened up a path to allow the type of relationship with my daughter that I want to have.
  • I always had so much to say. I wanted to share EVERYTHING I was learning. I have had wonderful results occurring within my family, thanks to the insights that you have made available to me.
  • I have benefited in a huge way, and feel very encouraged. Words cannot explain what this course has meant for me.

Rave Reviews from The Wonder of Babies

"The Wonder of Babies course made me see my son as the individual that he is. It made me appreciate his natural curiosity and ability to learn on his own. I have now discovered a different way of parenting compared with how I was raised. It's made me see a gentler way of dealing with difficult behaviour while still maintaining boundaries.

The course gave my son the opportunity to discover his own body, its capabilities and how it moves without being manipulated and told how to move. I have gained a positive attitude towards parenting and have combated a lot of the fear. I really want to thank Parenting Worx for helping us achieve all this with the Wonder of Babies course."
Anna – Mum to Zach

"The concepts behind the Parentingworx "Wonder of Babies" parenting course was a total revelation to me, a revelation which made absolute sense. I feel as though I have been gifted with a whole new perspective. I am learning to treat my son with true respect, free of double standards, and am coming to appreciate that he will guide me in reaching his milestones in his own time. His graceful development is encouraging me to observe and appreciate his innate capabilities and competence, free of limitations, interruptions and expectations set by my preconceived notions.

The Parentingworx team were brilliant at bringing me to a new understanding of respect, acceptance and appreciation, all delivered with generous doses of care and humour"
Patty – Mum to Benjamin

"The Wonder of Babies Course, and the theories upon which it is based have given me a completely new outlook on my role as a parent. I now have the utmost faith in my daughter’s development of her physical abilities and I have seen the rewards of letting her do things in her own time.

She moves her body in a graceful and confident manner, knowing her own physical limits, yet challenging herself for her own inner satisfaction. When my daughter was first born, I imagined my role as a parent as being responsible for her learning, development and behavior.

Now I have a much more calm and relaxed outlook seeing myself as her “facilitator”. I provide her with simple toys from which she can learn and play with in her own manner, and I see her as responsible for her own learning which removes a lot of the burden and guilt (which is often placed on us as parents e.g. to buy unnecessary baby gadgets and to fill them up with unnecessary information).

She is also able to internalize the boundaries which I set for her, rather than me having to regulate every action she makes. I now allow her to concentrate on developing her imagination and the underlying foundations for later learning.

Finally the courses have given me the ability to guide her behavior in a calm manner which really seems to work. In conclusion – the overall basis of the courses and the theories is RESPECT – and this means that all of the different aspects fit together and become almost second nature to apply within a very short space of time"
Michal – Mum to Elise

Teacher Feedback on “Magic Classrooms, Magic School”

  • Just GREAT!
  • So many light bulb moments - where do I start. 
  • Loved the ‘3 R’s”. Memory making, how to encourage, effects of competition - loved everything actually!
  • Would love more
  • It has really opened my eyes to treating children with respect
  • Got great practical ideas about dealing with kids
  • I learnt a lot about how the little things that I say can affect children in a great and memorable way.
  • I loved the stories - most thought provokingInspiring and challenging, and really, really practical
  • Can’t wait for my husband to take part in this - I learnt heaps
  • Fantastic discussions - really enlightening
  • Allowed me to feel vulnerable but in a completely safe and positive way
  • Easy to relate to home and work
  • I was reminded of things that I knew at a very deep level but hadn’t put into practice. Loved it.
  • Peeled back a lot of layers to help me understand where I am today, and learnt good strategies for the future
  • Made me think about a lot of things I could do differently
  • This should be compulsory for every parent and teacher - and the sooner the better

On the facilitation

  • Excellent being hands on - not being lectured to.
  • Loved Lisa’s style
  • It was so easy to listen to - not predictable and always interesting
  • Wonderful - warm and non-threatening
  • Great to have so much interaction
  • Warm and caring
  • Lisa was really flexible around her course outline, yet kept the group focused and delivered everything she said she would.
  • It was so easy to participate in.
  • The humour really made it!
  • Very open, everyone was immediately relaxed
  • Was very well organised and presented
  • Very patient in guiding us on our journey - cleverly done and very effective
  • Lisa is absolutely in the right job!

How does it compare with other professional development that you have completed?

  • This doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever attended. This will change lives forever - not just a short time.
  • I was able to relate to it very personally
  • More eye opening, and had aspects that everyone could relate to - no matter how short or long they had been in the job
  • It was more fun, and more meaningful
  • A++ - Outstanding
  • This was much more fun
  • Really motivating and easy to understand
  • Not a boring moment in it
  • Loved all of the group participation
  • It was so easy to stay engaged and listening the whole time
  • Lisa actually knew what she was talking about!
  • Great pace, and timing for each topic was just right
  • Best course I have ever done

Students on the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. programme

  • Everything Lisa has taught us has changed me, and that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
  • I have noticed a huge change in the way that we treat each other in Wrigley.
  • I have become more patient and more positive.
  • After every task that Lisa set us, I felt so much better.
  • When I know I’ve done something to hurt someone, I try using the strategy of how to apologise authentically - it works better than the way I used to say sorry.
  • I think that this programme has brought us closer to our families and friends.
  • I’ve benefited from hundreds of things from the R-E-S-P-E-C-T programme, especially how to fix the gap between me and those I’ve hurt.
  • The gap between the old and the new students has really been lessened.
  • Talking about how I felt as a new student and a first time boarder made heaps of difference.
  • I’ve felt really understood and looked forward to Wednesday nights.
  • It has really changed not only the girls but the staff too.
  • Since we started - everyone is so much friendlier to each other.
  • This has really helped me get through a very tough time.
  • I loved how we were taught to do the relaxation breathing - we left calm and feeling good.
  • It really made me think about how I act towards other people.
  • There is now an amazing attitude in Wrigley House and we learnt great lessons on respecting people, property and ourselves.
  • Once a week we were sent on a mission. Everyone talked about it all week - everyone was into it.
  • When we did the Magic of Encouragement mission - everyone turned really positive and the week just flew by
  • These are amazing skills, and we will always treasure them.
  • Because of this I get on much better with my Mum than I ever did before. Now I feel that the respect goes both ways.
  • This Wednesday will be our last night with Lisa, the final mission will be a lot of fun. But we will be sad to see her go. Lisa, you have changed all of us.

Rave Reviews from "Growing a positive Self Image"

  • Best class we’ve had all year. It was never boring for a minute.
  • Hearing music from the charts used to teach these lessons was cool. My parents wouldn’t even know those bands – let alone the words of the songs.
  • I have never talked openly about my eating disorder until today. I feel relieved.
  • It was always so interesting, and used lots of teaching ways to bowl you over.
  • Everyone was really into it and talking about it afterwards. I went home and entertained everyone at dinner with everything I had learned.
  • There were lots of good things for a hands-on learner like me. J Thanks!!
  • My sister did this class last year, and she said I would love it. I did.
  • I couldn’t believe that so many girls get caught up in the diet traps – and so young.
  • I wish we had good classes like this all the time.

Rave Reviews from the ‘Laughter’ workshop

  • Information presented in a vibrant, energetic way – with heaps of laughter!
  • Learnt too many things today to be able to pick just one favourite
  • Attitude is everything!
  • Helped me focus on areas that I need to laugh about a lot more – and RELAX!
  • Gained knowledge of how to implement healthier, less stressful management of my center – and in my own life.
  • Awesome stuff.  Excellent opportunity to listen, participate and be invigorated by an uplifting person.
  • Great course. Haven’t laughed so much with a group of adults for a long time.
  • Huge fun. The facilitation was positive and realistic.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed today. Looking forward to more classes and more laughter!
  • Was so good! I feel like I now have permission to bring lots of laughter into my workplace in a really appropriate way

Awesome Facilitation Rave Reviews