Awesome Parents

Awesome Parents is usually
run as 8 sessions of 2 hours each.  It can also be
delivered over 2 full days.
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Included Topics...

Understanding childrens trying behaviour
A particular eye opener for parents of tantrum throwers; fussy eaters; interrupters; leg clingers; revenge getters; sibling bashers; whingers, and those who refuse to eat, sleep or pooh when you'd like them to!

The art of building your childs self esteem through encouragement
This is very different from praising your child - and yet most of us are unaware of the huge difference between the two. It can actually change ALL of the relationships in your life.

The family constellation
Did you know that we have particular personality traits that develop largely because of the place (eldest, second, etc..) we were born into in our family? True! We'll even be able to predict what your personality characteristics are - just from knowing your family position! Amazingly enlightening session.

Good intentions which often backfire in parenting
Some of the well meaning things that we do may actually rob our kids in the areas that are vital to full self development. Which ones are they?

The secret of gaining a childs co-operation
Believe it or not, you may discover that you already knew this information - but never applied it to your family!

Respect - How to give it and how to get it
Creating a method of discipline that your kids willingly accept and learn from - and leaves them still liking you!

to kids in a way that makes them WANT to talk to you. And how to get kids to listen to you - especially when you're not happy with them.